David is a member of the Lions Club of Glenorchy City. Since joining in January 2001 David served as Club President 2 times, 1 term of Secretary, 3 terms as Treasurer and along with most other board positions David was also instrumental in the growth of the Glenorchy Leo Club along with 2 other Leo Clubs in the greater Hobart area.

At District Level David has served 2 years as Cabinet Secretary, 3 years as District MERL Chairman, 2 years as GMT Chairman, and is a graduate of the Faculty Development Institute along with New Club Development Consultant with Region and Zone Chair portfolios. David has a keen interest with many community activities, Chairmanship of 8 years the Glenorchy Christmas Carols Committee, assisting with the Australia Day Committee and previous to joining Lions an instructor for boat safety and licensing for the Volunteer Coastal Patrol.

His awards include Melvyn Jones Fellow, James D Richardson Award, and Tasmanian Lions Fellow, International presidents Leadership Medal, 2 Star Awards, DG Appreciation and Club Appreciation Awards. In 2009 David was awarded the Glenorchy Citizen of the Year award for services to Lions and Community. David is married to Lions Lady Carolyn and has 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren.