Ken’s late father Fred was Charter VP of Cessnock Lions in 1953 (15th Club in Australian), and Ken attended his first Lions Meeting as a 6 year old – Cessnock Lions 1st Christmas Party (he received a gift from Santa and was hooked!)

Raised in a busy Lions family, Ken joined Cessnock Lions in his own right in 1980, after his marriage to Christine, and has served on Cessnock’s Board every year since (except his DG year), in all positions including 3x President, 3x Secretary, 5x Treasurer, Convention  Treasurer & Convention Secretary. He first served on District Cabinet in 1984 as Zone Chairman and since then has served more than 23+ District Cabinets and held all senior District Executive and Administrative Offices – including DG (2006/07), Lt.Gov, DDG, ZC, Secretary, Treasurer, CBL, Leadership, and others. Ken is a former Councilor, and has many former and current non-Lions community involvements. He and Christine have 3 children and 2 young grandchildren, and since his retirement from the family business they subsist on their commercial rentals and investment income.

Ken was elected to the ALF Board in May 2012, and is very proud and humble to now be able to further serve Lions through ALF.

Email Address: alf.grants@lions.org.au