About Us

Company Structure

In June 2016, the Australian Lions Foundation formed a new entity to be called the “Australian Lions Foundation Ltd”.

This change occurred to allow the Foundation to meet all relevant state fundraising and legislative requirements. The overall administration and purpose of the Foundation has not altered, except that the former Trustees are now Directors of the Australian Lions Foundation Ltd.

The Australian Lions Foundation Limited (ABN 14 612 099 840) has the overall responsibility for the operations of both the original Foundation and the new Australian Lions Foundation Ltd.
The original Australian Lions Foundation is managed under a Trust Deed (ABN 41 413 803 073) which still operates within the new structure. This Trust Deed holds the Foundation’s ‘Gift Deductibility’ status for public donations. The purpose and objectives of the original Foundation remain the same and are “to provide help and assistance for public relief, emergency aid and community welfare for persons in necessitous circumstances in Australia.”

The Australian Lions Foundation Ltd, which includes the original Foundation managed within its structure provides for similar purposes and objectives. The principal purpose for which the company is established is to be a not-for-profit company for charitable purposes for the public benefit, at all times in accordance with Section 5 of the Charities Act 2013.
The Australian Lions Foundation Ltd will “provide help and assistance for public relief, emergency aid and community welfare for individuals, groups and organisations in local communities and will also provide aid and assistance for persons in necessitous circumstances in Australia”

The Australian Lions Foundation Ltd, which has an overall responsibility to ensure that funds received from Lions Clubs, individuals and organisations are managed appropriately based on the purpose for which they have been received and for which Gift Deductibility has been afforded.

The diagram below shows the structure of the Foundation


Six Directors administer the Foundation and serve in a voluntary capacity. The Directors meet regularly to conduct the business of the foundation.

The Directors review, consider, and make decisions on:

  • Applications received for Grants.
  • A comprehensive set of current financial reports.
  • The effectiveness of promotional and fundraising activities (all ‘in-house’) and consider new strategies.
  • Reports from all Directors and Sub Committees.

Between meetings the Directors are required to:

  • Consider applications for Emergency Grants and to urgently provide funds to Lions Club and their Districts to promptly assist people
  • affected by storms, bush fires, drought, earthquakes, etc.
  • Investigate and review all grant applications.
  • Promote the objects of the Foundation to Lions Clubs and their Districts.
  • Maintain contact with Lions District Australian Lions Foundation Chairpersons.
  • Answer all inquiries regarding the Foundation.
  • Carry out the duties of their specific Australian Lions Foundation portfolios


The Directors of the Australian Lions Foundation Ltd, are elected by the Lions Clubs of Australia to each represent their State or Territory.

Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Foundation held each year at the National Lions Convention. Directors are elected for a three year term (on rotation) and are elected by the delegates from the respective States or Territories attending the Annual General Meeting.

Each Director represents their specific State and/or Territory as well as having a specific operational role in the Company.

This includes positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, General Grants Chairperson, Awards Chairperson, Promotions Chairperson, Emergency, Disaster, Compassionate and Diabetes Grants Chairperson. These operational roles are confirmed each year following the Annual General Meeting where Director operational roles may change.